After bus overturned, Norwood Brass Firemen performed at Sarajevo Winter Olympics 30 years ago this month
Monday, February 3, 2014 - 2:42 pm

NORWOOD – Thirty years ago this week, the Norwood Fire Department Band, “The Brass Firemen,” were embarking on a trip to Eastern Europe to perform in the opening ceremonies at the Winter Olympics in Sarajevo, in what was then Yugoslavia.

With this year’s Winter Olympics about to get underway in Sochi, Russia, Tim Donohue of Norwood remembered that trip and all its hazards and wonders.

The band “started their trip to Sarajevo, Yugoslavia to represent the U.S.A. in the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics,” Donohue tells us. “It didn't start out well as the first picture shows,” with their bus on its side in the snow.

“A few injuries and a couple left behind (no firemen) but the trip continued,” he said.

“Our trip was extended because of the weather and we could not leave by air for a few extra days. Most of us took advantage and went to the ongoing events of the winter games. Our entire trip was paid for by the generosity of North Country residents and local businesses,” said Donohue.

“The ceremony and opening was a once in a lifetime event. Our group picture under the Olympic torch shall always be on our walls with great pride.”