Blankenbush looks forward to campaign against McGrath for 122nd District Assembly race
Friday, August 20, 2010 - 2:53 pm

With Democratic candidate Brian McGrath's name restored to the ballot by the state Appellate Court, Republican Ken Blankenbush says he looks forward to the campaign for the 122nd District Assembly race.

McGrath, of Martinsburg in Lewis County, succeeded in convincing the court that a lower court was wrong when it disallowed petitions he had filed to get his name on the Democratic and Independence party lines.

The lower court said the phrase "New York State Assembly 122nd District" at the top of the petition was inadequate to describe what office he was seeking to potential signers. Blankenbush had brought the suit to challenge the petitions.

But now that that ruling in the case has been overturned, Blankenbush, current chair of Jefferson County's legislature, says earning the support of the voters is what the campaign is about.

"When I announced my campaign," Blankenbush said in a statement after the ruling was announced, "I believed this district needed change. We need new ideas and we need it now. With my opponent now officially on the ballot, I look forward to earning the support of the voters and I encourage him to do the same.

"Further, my focus is on the voters of the 122nd Assembly District and gaining their support to carry our message to Albany. The voters are sending a message of frustration that they are feed up with Albany's over-spending and tax raising ways. We need to restore the North County's economy through job creation," Blankenbush said.

Both men are running to win the seat that Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava of Gouverneur is leaving.