Black belt earned by 10-year old tae kwan do student in Massena
Wednesday, May 23, 2012 - 9:05 am

MASSENA – A 10-year-old tae kwan do student has earned a black belt in the martial art.

Jonathan G. French, a student at Jeet Gi Taekwondo, Massena, recently was promoted to 1st degree black belt.

Jeet Gi head instructor third-degree black belt Sa bum nim Jonathan A. French administered the black belt test along with Shihan-Dai Andrew S. Gayeskie, and Sensei Dave from Massena Martial Arts, and Sensei Matthew Mooney from Mooney Martial Arts in Ogdensburg.

Throughout this physically challenging black belt test French was required to display self-discipline, honor, and strength of body as well as mind. He demonstrated that and knowledge of the history of discipline.

French is one of only a handful of 10-year-olds to achieve black-belt status.

Photo by Dennis Barr,