Batman fan video series being produced by North Country filmmakers
Sunday, July 28, 2013 - 8:12 am

A new web series called The Mindbender Chronicles, a fan effort about the villains of Batman, is being produced and filmed right here in the North Country, by people from Massena, Madrid, Norfolk, Canton, Winthrop and Watertown.

The series is based on some modifications to the timeline according to films already made, as if those films had not been made.

“As ambitious as it is for us to do that we felt like we had to in order to ensure more room for creativity,” said writer Elijah Winfrey of Massena in his announcement.

Among the plotlines is the story of a doctor who believes he can make evildoers into law abiding citizens through surgery.

The series is being filmed in Canton, Potsdam, and Massena.

“I should note that none of the cast or crew is receiving payment for their parts, we are simply doing this out of love for the art,” Winfrey said.

The cast and crew:

• Travis Shatraw, Winthrop, director

• Elijah Winfrey, Massena, writer

• Patrick Burnett, Massena, concept art

• Chris Parker, Watertown, music

• photographers Cody Dennis, Madrid, Jack Vaisey III, Massena, James Quant, Norfolk, Alex Norton, Canton, graphic design


• Elijah Winfrey, Massena, as The Riddler

• Jack Vaisey III, Massena, Dr.Freeze

• Cody Cardinal, Massena, Hugo Strange

• Patrick Burnett, Massena, Black Mask

• Cody Dennis, Madrid, Jamison Sharpe.

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