Barnes and Noble loses Clarkson book store contract
Friday, June 4, 2010 - 5:24 pm

POTSDAM – Clarkson University is changing management companies for its downtown University Bookstore.

“The bookstore is staying downtown right where it is,” at 39 Market Street, said the university’s Vice President for External Relations Kelly Chezum.

But what will change is that Follett Corporation’s Higher Education Group will assume management of the store on July 7, while former management company Barnes & Noble will not have a contract with the university.

No reason for the change was offered by university officials.

The University Bookstore has been run by Barnes & Noble since 1993.

The structure of their agreement was that the bookstore was run in a partnership between the university and B&N, as a for-profit business.

“We anticipate a seamless transition,” Chezum said. “We anticipate no change in how we serve the community and the bookstore function.”

The Follett Corporation is a family-run bookseller and management company with a history going back nearly 140 years. It runs 850 bookstores around the country.