Aubertine supports Senate muzzle loading decision
Friday, July 2, 2010 - 6:35 am

State Senator Darrel Aubertine’s office says the Senate has unanimously passed legislation to prohibit convicted felons from possessing muzzle-loading or black powder rifles and shotguns.

“When our founding fathers framed the constitution, they believed the second most important right was to allow law-abiding persons to protect themselves and their families, I couldn’t agree more,” said Aubertine. “This bill, however, removes the right of criminals, those not suitable to possess a rifle or shot gun to possess a muzzle-loading or black powder rifle because their past violent criminal behavior has proven that they don’t deserve the same rights as law abiding citizens. Twice in the recent past, convicted felons have used these guns to injure state troopers.”

Under current penal law felons are precluded from owning rifles and handguns, but they can possesses muzzle-loading or black powder rifles.

Approval in the Assembly and by the governor are required for this measure to become law.