Aubertine legislation would lift regs on small energy storage technology projects
Wednesday, July 28, 2010 - 9:06 am

State Sen. Darrel Aubertine said the signing of legislation last week which he sponsored to cut regulations on new energy storage technology will help to create new jobs, especially Upstate, while addressing the state’s power needs.

The energy storage legislation adds kinetic energy storage devices, such as flywheels and compressed air storage, to the alternative energy production facility definition, thereby exempting those projects of less than 80 megawatts capacity from Public Service Commission jurisdiction. Aubertine says this will help to reduce the regulatory burden on these technologies which can allow for the utilization of renewable energy produced during off-peak times and can improve the efficiency of the state's electric system.

“As we continue working toward energy independence to ensure our power needs are met here in New York State long term, new technologies for energy storage must have the opportunity to grow,” said Aubertine, vice chair and ranking majority member of the New York State Energy & Telecommunications Committee. “By reducing regulations on these growing industries such as flywheel and compressed air, we are giving our state the opportunity to create new jobs in a new economy and meet our needs.”

Energy storage systems have a role to play in taking off-peak production and supplying peak demand for electricity as a means to reduce stress on the grid and enable existing generation to meet increased demand. The senator has also sponsored legislation, which passed the senate, to provide similar benefits to lithium ion battery technology, which also has the potential to spur significant job growth.