Assemblywoman says GOP tax bill 'harmful' to many families in St. Lawrence County, surrounding area
Sunday, December 3, 2017 - 10:55 am

Assemblywoman Addie A.E. Jenne, D-Theresa, on Sunday released a statement saying she feels federal tax legislation passed "in the chill of the early morning hours Saturday" by U.S. Senate Republicans has long-term impacts that "could be very detrimental to the North Country."

"The federal recession bailout that focused on saving big business left the North Country working class out, and we are still suffering from a decade of focus on the wealthy. Giving even more hand outs to the rich will only have the same result. The only tax reform that can truly lift rural economies is tax breaks for the middle class," Jenne said.

She said it will likely be weeks before all the details of the tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans are fully understood, but she said analysis after analysis of the plan by economists has shown losers will include most members of the middle class and working poor in the North Country.

Jenne noted the supposed tax cuts for the middle class have an expiration date, but significant tax savings for multi-national corporations and tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans are not scheduled to be reduced down the road.

"The details contained in this plan make it clear this is a proposal that benefits the wealthiest Americans at the long-term expense of most people in the North Country. Projections show most people making under $75,000 a year will be worse off than they are now and that means the vast majority of people living and working in St. Lawrence and Jefferson counties," she said.

Jenne said "countless" North Country families will be "harmed by a plan that eliminates taxpayers from deducting interest they pay on mortgages and student loans."

She said there are numerous other "harmful" provisions in the bill, including changes likely to "result in millions of people losing health care and the exclusion of teacher tax deductions for buying school supplies for their students."

She noted the current deduction is already widely acknowledged as falling far short of the amount teachers routinely spend on their students.

The assemblywoman said the cost of the plan will "drive up the deficit and pose a major threat to senior Americans with significant detrimental changes to Social Security and Medicare on the horizon."

"We have a tough enough time getting ahead in the North Country, still limping along from the recession and recent years of tough weather and flooding. Any gains families have made will be sucked away by this alleged tax reform plan dreamed up by lobbyists for the wealthiest Americans," Jenne said. "We all want to see higher numbers in our paychecks, but it is clear the benefits from this tax plan will ultimately be outweighed by its costs.

"I will continue to work to provide new opportunities for us here in the North Country, supporting families and our next generation. I will do what I can to fight back these horrible federal policies that hand money to big corporations already sitting on piles of cash and undermining the fabric of our communities and our families."