Assemblywoman Russell urging state Senate to pass Women's Equality Act
Tuesday, January 28, 2014 - 2:40 pm

The Assembly has once again approved the Women’s Equality Act (A.8070), a bill co-sponsored by Assemblywoman Addie J. Russell (D-Theresa), and she is calling on the Senate to do the same.

The 10-point agenda, which passed the Assembly in 2013 but was not taken up in the Senate, includes comprehensive reforms that would increase protections for victims of domestic violence, address pay inequity and end gender based discrimination and reinforce women’s health and reproductive rights, according to an announcement from the assemblywoman’s office.

“Last year, we passed this historic piece of legislation to fight discrimination and provide basic protections to mothers, sisters, aunts and nieces across the state, but the Senate failed to act.” Russell said. “Today we are renewing the call to pass this vital legislation in its entirety because the women of New York deserve action on every single one of their rights – not just some of them.”

The Women’s Equality Act contains 10 points that aim to:

• achieve pay equity

• prevent sexual harassment in the workplace

• strengthen human trafficking laws

• protect domestic violence victims

• protect reproductive rights

• end housing discrimination for victims of domestic violence

• end family status discrimination

• prevent pregnancy discrimination

• remove barriers to remedying discrimination

• stop source-of-income discrimination.

“Our laws regarding women's rights are in desperate need of an upgrade and this legislation provides that in a comprehensive way,” Russell said. “We cannot stand by and allow these practices from a bygone era to be tolerated any longer. The time to act is now.”