Assembly candidate Blankenbush endorsed by National Federation of Independent Business/New York
Monday, September 27, 2010 - 5:02 pm

Republican Assembly candidate Ken Blankenbush of Black River says he gladly accepts the endorsement of the National Federation of Independent Business/New York in his contest against Democrat Brian McGrath of Martinsburg.

“Ken Blankenbush is the right candidate for small business in this race--and the candidate who has demonstrated the strongest support for the small business agenda,” said NFIB/New York State Director Mike Elmendorf.

“As a small business owner, Ken fully understands the importance of reducing taxes and lowering New York’s crushing cost of doing business.

Blankenbush said he looks forward to bringing ideas and policies to Albany that benefit business.

"I am eager to work with them to turn New York into a business and job friendly state," said Blankenbush. “This economy has been tough on North Country families and Albany isn’t doing anything to help the situation. The Legislature has tied the hands of small business owners – our job creators – by increasing taxes, fees, fines and regulations. New York City influence on Albany has crippled our economy and I’m ready to fight the flood of bad economic decisions in our state.”

Blankenbush said that he’d do more than just bemoan bad policy. He pledges to oppose all tax increases and out-of-control spending pushed through year after year by the Assembly Democrats. Additionally, he’ll push for a comprehensive “Economic Master Plan.” Job creation took a large hit with the loss of the Empire Zone program, losing $300-$350 million investment due the new Excelsior Jobs Program which caps investment at $250 million. He feels a better plan could be developed.

“Upstate New York cannot afford to lose any job, whether it is in a small mom and pop shop or a small manufacturer. The North Country can’t be overlooked anymore,” said Blankenbush.

Blankenbush is running for the Assembly seat of Dede Scozzafava, who is not running again.

The National Federation of Independent Business represents the interests of small business in Washington and in all 50 state capitals. It was founded in 1943.