Akwesasne 'WOW Team' takes home trophies at Fitness Canada competition
Monday, November 4, 2013 - 11:10 am



AKWESASNE -- Five members of a local fitness “WOW team” competed and took home trophies at the Fitness Canada Championships held recently.

The WOW Team is a non-profit women's organization led by Laura Tarbell, of Tarbell Pilates and Heart to Heart Fitness Center in Akwesasne, that strives to “educate and empower women to reach their health and fitness goals.

“The group meets once a week for workouts and nutrition classes, and email networking as well as a private Facebook page was created in order to fully incorporate a healthy lifestyle and promote a team camaraderie,” Tarbell said in a press release. “The group strives to create a caring and nurturing venue for women to work on personal health and fitness goals through the support of one another. “

Every member of the team placed and came home with a trophy.

Members pictured below include Cubby Jackson, Mary Terrance, Laura Tarbell, Karen Francis, and Chantelle Cooke.

Awards included:

•Model Division:

First Place - Laura Tarbell

Third Place - Karen Francis

Fifth Place - Mary Terrance

• Bikini Short Division:

Third Place - Cubby Jackson

Fifth Place - Mary Terrance

• Bikini Tall Divison:

First Place - Laura Tarbell

Second Place - Chantelle Cooke

Third Place - Karen Francis

Team class will begin in January of 2014.

Anyone interested in joining should call Heart to Heart at 358-3200.

Cubby Jackson

Laura Tarbell

Karen Francis

Chantelle Cooke

Mary Terrance