After years of planning, new Nest Egg B&B open in Norwood
Sunday, March 23, 2014 - 6:24 pm


NORWOOD – After a few years of planning, The Nest Egg Bed & Breakfast recently opened its doors on State Highway 56 for visitors from near and far.

The bed and breakfast, which opened in December, is owned and operated by Lana Rodriquez, a retired corrections counselor with family ties to the North Country.

“I am a social person and my husband and I talked about doing this for years,” Rodriquez said.

Unfortunately, Lana’s husband Sam passed away before the business was complete.

Lana and her husband raised their family in Norwood and Lana now enjoys the time with grandchildren and adult children nearby.

“My family and friends encouraged me to do it…I enjoy meeting new people and have had wonderful support in building and maintaining the property, Rodriquez said.

The bed and breakfast currently offers two rooms with queen beds in each and has a “home” feel to it with pictures of her children and grandchildren through.

Those who visit can relax in the heated pool, which Rodriquez says she plans to open in early April and close in late October. If swimming isn’t your thing, The Nest Egg offers both a hot tub and jacuzzi for their visitors to use during their stay.

During the spring, Lana says she and her neighbors will continue working on an extensive garden which offers both beautiful view and a peaceful corner to relax.

“My friend and her son help me a lot,” Rodriquez said. “Both are avid gardeners and the young man helps me with my website.”

Lana said without their help and help from another friend…who helps her with heavier chores, none of this would have been possible (noting her arthritis).

“Things have been slow and right now I am trying to my name out there, Rodriquez said. “Right now its just word of mouth and I plan to become a member of the Potsdam Chamber of Commerce and the local bed and breakfast group.

Rodriquez said she suffered a setback a few years ago when floods damaged some homes in Norwood but she has taken care of all issues and look forward to welcoming visitors into her home.

“It looks small from the road, but there is a pretty large space for people to wander around and enjoy the garden. “

Lana can be contacted at 353-2941 and more information can be viewed at