AAK Middle School eighth grade students design shoe sculptures during project
Tuesday, July 15, 2014 - 6:01 am

From left are AAK Kingston students Abigale Shampine, Maddy Thompson, Gabby Sutliff, Emma Thomas, Hannah Holt, Isabel Pecora, Isabelle Foisy and Kristy Coyle. Art teacher Terry Huff is in the back.

POTSDAM -- Before school let out for the summer, AAK Middle School eighth grade art students in Terry Huff's class designed shoe sculptures after studying the Rococo period of art and fashion.

Shoes were put on display and voted on by students and staff for people's choice awards.

First place was Hannah Holt for her "Sno Cones for Sale" shoe.

Second place was Abigale Shampine for her "Panda Shoe."

Third place tie was Emma Thomas for her "Dah Park Shoe" and Gabby Sutliff for her "Refuse to Sink Shoe."

Rounding out the awards were the honorable mention shoes: Kristy Coyle's "Weather Shoe," Isabelle Foisy's "Miley Cyrus Shoe," Isabel Pecora's "Once Upon a Shoe" and Maddy Thompson's "Pasta Shoe."