9-year-old Potsdam boy grows his hair for 18 months to donate it for wigs for cancer patients
Thursday, June 12, 2014 - 6:02 am

POTSDAM -- A 9-year-old recently grew his hair for about 18 months and is donating it for wigs for cancer patients.

Collin Haggett began growing his locks to dress as a padawan Obi-wan Kenobi for Halloween, according to his mother, Heidi Haggett.

She said he took her idea to grow hair for cancer patient wigs. Part of his motivation is having lost a grandfather to cancer. His other grandfather also suffers from the disease, as does a friend's younger sister.

Heidi Haggett says her son gets flak from schoolmates about his hair, but he takes it in stride.

"My friends are cool about it, but yes I do get picked on … It bothers me, but I just think about the people who have Cancer that I'm growing my hair out for, they feel worse than I do when I get picked on for my hair being long. So, I don't care. When it's long enough and I can donate it, I'll feel good about what I've done to help and helping is what matters," Heidi Haggett says her son said.