7,000 St. Lawrence County Civil War soldiers remembered at County Historical Association
Friday, January 31, 2014 - 5:14 pm

CANTON -- Nearly 7,000 men from St. Lawrence County enlisted in the Union Army during the Civil War. In honor of these men, the St. Lawrence County Historical Association (SLCHA) at the Silas Wright House, 3 ½ East Main St., decorated a special memory tree at the museum for the holidays.

The Civil War memory tree was part of the SLCHA’s commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, which was fought from 1861 to 1865.

The names of all the veterans on the memory tree were read at the recent SLCHA’s annual holiday open house. As part of the project the SLCHA archived the veterans’ information and scanned their images (when available) to add to the SLCHA’s growing collection of St. Lawrence County’s Civil War heritage.

The St. Lawrence County Historical Association’s 2013 Civil War Memorial Tree contained the names of more than 35 Civil War veterans, mostly from the North Country, including:

• Luther Priest, 106th NY Infantry sponsored by Allan Newell

• William T. Wells, 159th NY Infantry sponsored by Bob Wells

• Lawrence Shene, 20th NY Cavalry sponsored by Charlie Shene

• Newton Martin Curtis, 16th NY Infantry & 142nd NY Infantry; Charles St. Andrews, 142nd NY Infantry ; and Joseph St. Andrews, 12th US Infantry sponsored by Dennis St. Andrew

• Benjamin Smith Benton, 92nd NY Infantry; Elihu Benton, 92nd NY Infantry & 13th NY Cavalry; George Washington Benton, 14th NY Heavy Artillery; Michael Bressett, 106th NY Infantry; and Daniel C. Reed, 142nd NY Infantry sponsored by Faye Simmons

• William Potter, 193rd NY Infantry sponsored by Frances Van Horne

• George Washington Hodges, 14th NY Heavy Artillery; and Nathan S. Hodges, 13th NY Cavalry sponsored by George Miller

• James Monroe Gere, 122nd NY Infantry sponsored by Jenny Spencer

• Mitchell Garno, 142nd NY Infantry sponsored by Judy Premo

• Henry G. Houser, 13th VA Infantry & 18th VA Cavalry; Chauncey Howe, 6th NY Heavy Artillery; David Hazen Howe, 60th NY Infantry & 137th NY Infantry; Rufus Marsh Howe, 6th NH Infantry; Russell Seymour Howe, 92nd NY Infantry & 13th NY Cavalry; Webster Lycinous Howe, 60th NY Infantry & 13th NY Cavalry; William L. Howe, 6th NY Heavy Artillery; and Isaac Ridgeway Trimble, Virginia State Forces Engineers sponsored by Lee Houser

• Patrick Shea, 24th NY Infantry ; and William Horace Wilkins, 16th NY Infantry sponsored by Linda Wright Krol

• William Justin Dailey, 6th NY Heavy Artillery sponsored by Marilyn Nugent

• Eli Horton Nickerson, 98th NY Infantry & 14th NY Heavy Artillery sponsored by Marion Hill, Waddington

• George Rabey, 142nd NY Infantry sponsored by Marion Hill, Fulton

• Philip Van Horne, 121st NY Infantry sponsored by Otis Van Horne

• Robert Heckles, 56th IL Infantry & 1st IL Light Artillery; and William Heckles, 106th NY Infantry sponsored by Paul Heckles

• John Boyd, 169th NY Infantry sponsored by Ron Day

• Jay Fairbanks, 60th NY Infantry; and Samuel Jacobus, 10th NY Cavalry sponsored by Stan Maine; and

• Lyman Tupper, 60th NY Infantry sponsored by Tim Cryderman.

For more information, contact 386-8133, [email protected] or visit www.slcha.org.