$400K to help Black Lake-area residents repair septic systems
Saturday, June 7, 2014 - 4:20 pm

BLACK LAKE -- A $400,000 Community Development Block Grant will help Blake Lake residents in Macomb and Morristown with the repair of faulty septic systems.

St. Lawrence County Legislators voted to accept and appropriate the funding at a Monday meeting.

The grant money will be used in the Indian River Watershed in Morristown and Macomb, according to the resolution.

A plan for the Black Lake Septic Repair and Replacement was approved by county planning office on behalf of the towns of Macomb and Morristown in 2013.

The grant will help low to moderate-income households repair or replace failing septic systems. The assistance will be available to resident in the Indian River watershed who meet income-eligibility guidelines.

In November county planners began working on the grant application following concerns that faulty septic systems that could be leaking into the water and helping fuel invasive weed species.

The phosphate generated by waste from septic systems damages the water quality of the lake and helps feed weeds, according to county officials.

Work on the project could begin this summer.

The county also gave the planning department a green light on applying for more Community Development Block Grants through the Office of Community Renewal for housing, economic development, public infrastructure and community facilities.