122nd Assembly candidate Blankenbush agrees to debate opponent McGrath
Friday, September 17, 2010 - 2:53 pm

122nd Assembly District candidate Brian McGrath, a Democrat from Lowville, has issued a statement challenging his opponent, longtime Republican Jefferson County Legislator Ken Blankenbush, to debate, and Blankenbush has agreed.

McGrath said in his challenge today, “Given that my opponent’s lawsuit to kick me off the ballot and deny voters a choice in this election failed, and voters will indeed have a clear choice this November, it is time for a debate of the issues. I challenge my opponent to a series of debates in each of the counties comprising the 122nd Assembly District.”

Blankenbush has responded, “Of course I will debate, although I found it rather odd that Brian didn’t just pick up the phone or mention something at the several events that we have both attended this past week. Instead he sent out a political press release to the news.

Blankenbush added, “McGrath says he wants to prove to us that he is the outsider. We don’t need a debate for that. McGrath has worked as a lawyer in New York City for his entire adult life. He only moved back here about a year ago to run for Congress. When that didn’t work out, I guess he thought he’d stick around and run for the Assembly. So, we are agreeing with each other already. Brian is an outsider.”

District 122, now held by Republican DeDe Scozzafava, who is not running again, covers Lewis County and parts of Oswego, Jefferson and St. Lawrence counties.

McGrath’s statement concluded, “Debates are important so that voters can see that they have a choice between a career politician running for this seat because it is ‘the next step’ in his political career that has been marked with votes to increase North Country taxes and overtax residents to create inexcusable slush funds in excess of $34 million dollars, or me, a political outsider committed to lowering taxes and bringing new jobs and new energy to the North Country.”

No dates or places for debates have been announced.