Second Norwood Duathlon race draws 91 contestants in spite of heat
Wednesday, July 7, 2010 - 2:58 pm

NORWOOD – The second of this season’s four Norwood Duathlon races was held last night from Norwood Beach.

In spite of the very hot weather, organizer Mike diVincenzo reports, “We had 91 racers and all went well, all were well hydrated and enjoyed the race.”

“The NNCS Language Club did a good job on the race course and the Norwood Beach crew were a lot of help as usual,” DiVincenzo said.

The winner in the women’s division was Liz Emblidge with a time of 47:24:00. The men’s division winner was Kevin Emblidge at 39:25:00. Team winners were Jon Eng andKent Fetter, 38:04:00.

The remaining races in the series will be held Tuesdays, July 27 and Aug. 3.

The race, a 1.5 mile run, an 8-mile bike ride, and another 1.5 mile run, begins and ends at the beach on Lake Shore Drive.

Registration begins at 5:30 p.m.; race starts at 6:30 p.m.

The series is sponsored by the Norwood-Norfolk Central School Language Club and Norwood Village Recreation Dept.

For more information, contact Mike diVencenzo, 353-2849 or

The results from Tuesday, July 6:



Liz Emblidge: 47:24:00

Margie Harmer: 51:43:00

Anita Bessette-Francis: 52:57:00

Amy Hollister: 53:24:00

Teresa Stone: 53:36:00

Susan Griskonis: 55:39:00

Melody Rumschik: 56:44:00

Pam Roe: 59:09:00

Jill Miller: 68:00:00

Elaine Amberman: 70:36:00



Kevin Emblidge: 39:25:00

Jeff Jones: 40:51:00

Chad Colbert: 45:23:00

Johnny Newman: 47:20:00

Jeff Seguin: 47:57:00

Steve Barr: 48:24:00

Bryan Harmer: 48:48:00

Lennie Davis: 49:03:00

Ray Mere: 49:37:00

James Purvis: 50:10:00

Larry Rowe: 50:10:00

Norman Seguin: 50:36:00

Robert Higgins: 51:31:00

Scott Ramsay: 51:42:00

Tim Richards: 52:15:00

Ian Hazen: 53:51:00

Michael Schuckers: 56:46:00

Tim Doud: 58:28:00

Jacob Seguin: 60:20:00

Ray Otis: 60:55:00

W Wheeler: no time written



Jon Eng/Kent Fetter: 38:04:00

Steve Coffin/Mark Josephs: 39:42:00

Zachary Clark/Graham Stone: 40:38:00

Chris Stone/Josh Eng: 40:39:00

Zach Frego/Mario Pratti: 40:41:00

George Morris/Ben Gracey: 42:06:00

Eric Gustafson/Nathan Marshall: 42:14:00

Tim Liscum/Rob Miller: 42:16:00

Tony Betrus/Kristen Betrus: 43:05:00

Seth Hinman/Kyle Palmer: 44:04:00

Bob Rogers/Ethen Kelly: 45:06:00

Brian Newtown/Hannah Seguin: 45:45:00

Tim Dumas/J.P Dumas: 45:51:00

Jorden Spencer/Dom Sassone: 46:16:00

Michael Brazell/Gabe Ockrin: 46:27:00

Kevin Perretta/Terry Mossow: 46:54:00

David Boyle/Mark Boyle: 46:55:00

Pat Colbert/Daniel Colbert: 47:09:00

Dennis Block/Giovanni Jermano: 47:24:00

Benson Hans/Katie Hans: 48:47:00

Chad Gauthier/Taylor Gauthier: 48:50:00

Emily Cotey/Pete Lepage: 49:11:00

Haden Beaulieu/Ashley Thayer: 49:14:00

Emily Coates/Ron Johnson: 49:40:00

Alyssa Cutler/David Fenton: 54:51:00

Michelle Pede/Renee Ockrin: 56:04:00

Ron Sterniak/Nancy Sterniak: 57:10:00

Abby Tessier/Matt Tessier/Ally Tessier: 59:20:00

Katrina Dow/Alicia Schantz: 59:25:00

Damon Bregg/Mary Bregg: no time written