Saints women's rowing team Novice 8+ wins Petite Final at ECAC's
Tuesday, May 13, 2014 - 8:43 am

The St. Lawrence University women's rowing team wrapped up its 2013-14 season on Sunday at the ECAC Championships in Worcester, MA. The novice 8+ earned a victory in the petite final, while the varsity 4+ was fourth in the grand finals of its race.

The novice 8+, which won bronze at the state championships last weekend, narrowly missed out on the grand finals despite having the sixth-fastest times in the heats. The Saints, who were fourth behind Williams in their heat, responded with an open-water victory in the petite final with a time of 7:45.29 ahead of Connecticut College, Wellesley, Smith, Clark and Tufts.

Rowers in the novice boat included Laura Greshin, Emma Morgan, Sarah Evarts, Annie Williams, Jen Lifsitz, Keckeley Habel, Mikayla Thomas and Kailash Heron while Sarah Heatherton coxed.

The varsity 4+ included seniors Jenette Kloss and Abigail McIvor, competing for the Scarlet and Brown for the final time. They were joined by Heidi Weiss, Daniela Stokes and coxswain Yuki McQueeney, as the team finished fourth ahead of Connecticut College, Washington College and Coast Guard and a mere two seconds behind William Smith.

McIvor and Kloss saw their careers come full circle on Sunday, as the duo won the ECAC Championship in the open 4+ as first-year students.