Saints compete in 3x5 free relays at Dartmouth Carnival
Saturday, February 9, 2013 - 9:12 pm

The St. Lawrence University Nordic ski teams competed in the 3x5k Relays on Saturday on day two of the 2013 Dartmouth Carnival. The underclassmen trio of Austin Meng, Will Frielinghaus and Kyle Curry paced the teams, finishing sixth in the team standings with 68.0 points.

"Today was another solid race for the guys," said St. Lawrence head coach Ethan Townsend. "To finish how we did with such a young core is pretty impressive on both the men's and women's sides."

Meng, Frielinghaus and Curry combined for a time of 44:54.5 in the freestyle relay to finish in ninth place out of 20 trios. Meng had the fastest leg in 14:40.2, while Frielinghaus and Curry followed in 15:11.8 and 15:02.4 respectively.

St. Lawrence's second men's trio of Austin Hart, Phillip Marshall and Reed Likly raced in 48:34.8 and were 18th overall.

Due to injury and illness, the St. Lawrence women's team was only able to start one trio in the women's 3x5 relay. First-year Erin Perryman led off the relay, with Sienna Searles and Kate Mulcahy rounding out the team. The Saints combined for a time of 53:32.0, good for 13th place in the standings.

Dartmouth College swept the relay races in its home carnival. Scott Lacy, Silas Talbot and Sam Tarling earned the men's prize for the Big Green, while Annie Hart, Mary O'Connell and Corey Stock won the women's race.

The St. Lawrence Nordic teams will compete again next weekend at the 2013 Middlebury Carnival at the Rikert Touring Center on February 15 and 16.