Roos men's soccer announces open tryout date August 26
Monday, August 18, 2014 - 7:57 am

Canton, NY -- Head Men's Soccer Coach Tim Penrod has announced that open tryouts for the 2014 men's soccer team will take place on Tuesday, August 26.

"With our first match being on the 29th, our staff is hoping to get a good look at potential walk-on candidates during our Tuesday training session. From there, we will look to integrate any individuals we feel can contribute to the program's success both this year and in the future," Penrod said.

In order to tryout, interested players must complete a pre-participation physical, NCAA compliance paperwork, online paperwork, and department informational forms. All required forms are available online HERE.

Players planning to participate must complete the following:

Health History and Physical Exam Form

Student-Athlete Information Form

Statement of Insurance Form

Assumption of Risk Form

Student-Athlete History Form

Student-Athlete Release of Information and Conduct Acknowledgement Form

NCAA Student-Athlete Statement

NCAA HIPPA/Buckley Amendment Form

NCAA Consent to Drug Testing

From Coach Penrod:

"Due to institutional clearance regulations, players interested in trying out need to bring all of their completed forms to the men's soccer office as soon as possible. Appointments need to be made with our health center, and can only be completed during the school week. Appointments can only be made by our staff, so please do not try to set things up on your own."

It is essential that individuals reach out to me via email in advance of the tryout. Players who present themselves unannounced the day of the tryout will not be permitted to step on the field. Please send serious inquiries only to [email protected] and include your student ID number and date of birth. I will respond with any further information that is needed.

In order to best ensure you will be able to try out this year, please contact me by August 21," Penrod noted. "We are only holding tryouts on one day, so if you are interested, please do not wait and miss out on your opportunity to join this year's team!"