Knights ranked fourth in USCSA polls
Friday, January 25, 2013 - 7:20 am

In the initial poll of the, the Clarkson University Alpine Ski team was ranked fourth among USCSA schools nationwide, with both the men and women garnering a spot at number-four in the website's ranking system.

In last year's poll, the Golden Knights' men were ranked third in the pre-season and finished the season fifth at the national championships, while the women were unranked, yet finished third at the nationals.

Alpine: Women’s Top 10

1) Sierra Nevada College

2) Brown University

3) Rocky Mountain College

4) Clarkson University

5) St. Olaf College

6) Saint Anselm College

7) Syracuse University

8) University of British Columbia

9) University of Connecticut

10) Penn State University

Alpine: Men’s Top 10

1) Rocky Mountain College

2) St. Olaf College

3) Sierra Nevada College

4) Clarkson University

5) Castleton State College

6) Syracuse University

7) University of British Columbia

8) Babson College

9) University of Massachusetts

10) College of Idaho