Troopers: We do not solicit money over phone, beware of sharing information
Saturday, March 16, 2013 - 10:25 am

New York State Police say phone calls requesting funds to benefit troopers are not coming from the force.

In a press release issued by troopers, officials said state police officers do not solicit funds over the phone or by any other means.

"If you receive a call from the New York State Troopers Foundation asking for money to benefit Troopers injured in the line of duty, please be advised that these calls are not from the New York State Police," a release from the troopers said.

"Even though this is a legitimate organization, none of the funds that you donate will go to any local members of the New York State Police," the release said.

As with any calls of this nature troopers are warning people not to share any personal information, credit card numbers, etc.

"If you wish to stop receiving calls from this organization, ask them to place you on their Do Not Call List," the release said.