Potsdam police blotter, Aug. 8
Thursday, August 9, 2018 - 6:28 am

0001 Traffic stop on Market Street

0101 Loitering on Market Street

0133 Harassment on Debra Drive

0715 Dispatched Potsdam Rescue to a call

0722 Assist Potsdam Rescue

0831 Assist Potsdam Fire

0922 Potsdam Rescue dispatched to a call

1004 Parking problem on Market Street

1106 Assist business on Main Street

1155 Motor vehicle accident on Main Street

1229 Motor vehicle accident on Market Street

1311 Potsdam Rescue dispatched to a call

1311 Assist Potsdam Rescue

1323 Suspicious person on Market Street

1340 Traffic stop on Madrid Avenue

1430 Records check at 38 Main Street

1526 Attempt to locate subject on Main Street

1707 Motor vehicle accident on Elm Street

1833 Utility problem on Country Lane

1933 Records check at 38 Main Street

2002 Prescription medication turned in for destruction at 38 Main Street

2008 Disorderly on Market Street

2008 Assist Potsdam Fire

2130 Property check on Park Street

2139 Potsdam Fire dispatched to a call

2139 Assist Potsdam Fire

2145 Parking problem on Elm Street

2214 Traffic stop on Main Street

2253 Traffic stop on May Road