Performance Screening for Runners/Joggers at CPH Physical Rehabilitation

Canton-Potsdam Hospital’s physical therapy department offers screenings for runners and joggers of all levels and all ages, from beginners to elite competitors at CPH’s Physical Rehabilitation, located in the Helen Snell Cheel Medical Campus, 49 Lawrence Avenue, Potsdam.

The screening is designed to analyze a runner or jogger’s form—proper musculoskeletal alignment—during movement.

It will include a video analysis to identify areas of improvement and an individualized review with follow-up recommendations, if appropriate.

“Athletes and those who study athletic performance have known for some time that proper form is essential for avoiding injuries, prevent repetitive strain on joints, and improve speed and endurance,” said Tracy J. French, PT, who has special training in assessment of running and jogging form. “The fitness of muscles and joints is just as important as cardiovascular fitness for the best results when starting a running program or when athletes want to take their performance up a notch,” she said.

The video analysis allows French and her colleague, Laurie M. Matthews, PTA, to assess detailed images of musculoskeletal alignment and stability in slow-motion or freeze-frame, allowing comparisons to optimal states, and allowing identification of potential problems before they occur, according to French.

“A video analysis can detect faulty movement patterns and compensatory strategies which over time could lead to injury if uncorrected,” she added.

For the best results, participants should wear work-out gear worn during their normal running routine. To ensure individualized attention, appointments are required and can be made by calling 315-261-5460.