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American Red Cross says it is in ‘emergent need for donors’ in St. Lawrence County?

Have you donated blood in the last year?

73.9% -- No

26.1% -- Yes

Total responses: 142

Comments: 61

Here are your comments:

I am 65 years old and have never donated because I smoke pot

9/16/2018 10:50 PM

After 3 botched attempts on the part of the person inserting the needle to give blood.. I have given up until they get people trained to find a vein. Three different times. Three different locations. Three different people. It is too bad. I have a very rare blood type and used to donate every 6 months. Now I don't bother.

9/16/2018 5:47 PM

I think with my type 2 diabetes I cant or I would

9/16/2018 4:11 PM

No, not able to donate.

9/16/2018 11:06 AM

I would if they would give it away to someone in need without charging them

9/16/2018 8:48 AM

No, I am no longer able to give blood due to jaundice when I was back in the military. I want to and miss being able to, even at my now advanced age, but that's life as they say. Now I suppose I'm too old to give blood anyway too, but ... wish I could.

9/15/2018 4:57 PM

If they gave my blood to someone they would be instantly drunk. Trumptards are blaming the lack of blood in SLC on the democrats.

9/15/2018 8:42 AM

I think that everyone that is eligible should donate. You never know when you may need to be on the receiving end.

9/14/2018 1:33 PM

I used to give all the time, for medical reasons I was unable to give last year.

9/14/2018 12:24 PM

Needles scare me.. hope to work up the courage to donate someday though!

9/14/2018 9:57 AM

I refuse to give blood until they lift the gay ban

9/14/2018 9:54 AM

No I haven't donated in a while but I used to every 50 days or so. Since I found out from an honest person within the Org that they love my RH NEG blood and more than that the $$$ they can sell it for. Golden blood they called it I guess? Anyway it just doesnt seem right to me and I refuse to donate to line anothers pockets. The box you check should say "sell my blood" not "use my blood". I guess if it wasnt sold I would donate again

9/14/2018 7:58 AM

I can't. Wrong species.

9/13/2018 10:33 PM

Always feels good to help out. I have been donating since high school.

9/13/2018 11:55 AM

I think NCN has an emergency need for a proofreader!

9/13/2018 11:23 AM

I donate as often as I can - multiple times every year.

9/13/2018 9:43 AM

Did years ago. Too old now.

9/13/2018 7:46 AM

This is such an easy way to help people. If you haven't tried, give it a go! You may be surprised!

9/13/2018 6:44 AM

I’m unable to, but I’m glad there are people that do. Remember to attend the Haunted Hay Ride in brasher in the upcoming weeks

9/12/2018 10:26 PM

Have signed up to give on 10/30/18 at Claxton Hepburn. Please sign up to give if your able. It could be your family or friend that needs blood sometime.

9/12/2018 12:44 PM

Too anemic most of the time (female), I don't pass the copper test and therefore can't donate.

9/12/2018 10:45 AM

I stopped donating when, A, I kept getting calls to set up appointments nearly every day to donate blood, and B, I consistently ran into people who had a hard time drawing blood.

9/12/2018 10:05 AM

I have diabetics

9/12/2018 7:48 AM

Problem scheduling

9/11/2018 7:50 PM

I donate when I can.

9/11/2018 7:11 PM

Having been where mad cow disease was prevalent I am disqualified from giving blood

9/11/2018 12:42 PM

I donate b/n 4-6 units a year. It would be easier to donate if the majority of blood drives weren't held during normal working hours.

9/11/2018 11:58 AM

Not allowed to because of medical issues, wish I could.

9/11/2018 10:59 AM

I would if there was a posted schedule online I can try to guess or follow yard signs

9/11/2018 9:53 AM

Cannot because meds. will not except my blood. I have tried.

9/11/2018 9:24 AM

I have not donated and I always plan to be I have a very hectic schedule. If my doctor's office would just take my blood when I have to go for my regular visits I would be happy to help.

9/11/2018 9:14 AM

I made an attempt. I showed up at a site and there was something wrong with the computer system , or generator with no back up equipment available. I hope to. Attempt a donation again soon.

9/11/2018 8:47 AM

Too Old

9/11/2018 8:25 AM

Unfortunately, I faint every time I try to give blood!

9/11/2018 7:29 AM

Yes! every 56-60 days i donate! it's so important to do!

9/11/2018 6:57 AM

I am unable because of a medication. Your survey question should ask if a person has donated blood who is eligible.

9/11/2018 6:51 AM

Why didn't you print my comment about your employee? Omitting it doesn't mean it's not true. He is a thief ! I wish P&C Foods had arrested their employees for stealing instead of just firing them. I watched that fool try to push two shopping carts loaded with groceries out the door, not bagged, without going through the checkout!!! I'm sure he'll deny this because a thief is a liar and a liar is a thief.

9/11/2018 5:33 AM

None of your damn business.

9/10/2018 8:26 PM

It's been "emergent" for so long, I think they should consider a different adjective.

9/10/2018 6:32 PM

I can't. I'm diabetic.

9/10/2018 4:43 PM

I used to donate in Ogdensburg every 8 weeks, but now it if difficult to find a blood drive locally when I become eligible to donate again.

9/10/2018 3:41 PM

They need to keep paperwork to a minimum for repeat blood providers than maybe more would give. Too much burden to complete each time. Keep on file...

9/10/2018 3:25 PM

My wife had Brian surgery in 2011 she needed a lot of blood it is important to give I give every three months .

9/10/2018 3:12 PM

No way. That's how they get your DNA and then clone an army of overweight, Slurpy drinking Consumerpublicans to vote for Trump. Also you can get the Aides from donating the bloods.

9/10/2018 2:37 PM

I've tried 3 times in the last year and have been denied all 3 times, because on high blood pressure. I take medicine for it's and only usually 1 or 2 points up Bove the norm. I have A- and want to give, but most likely wont even bother anymore. It's not worth my time and gas to get turned away every time.

9/10/2018 2:09 PM

I will donate blood when everyone has the same level of access to medical care. Why should the poor give blood for the rich?

9/10/2018 1:17 PM

I can't

9/10/2018 12:36 PM

Wish I could donate but medical hx prohibits.

9/10/2018 12:17 PM

Would if I was medically cleared.

9/10/2018 12:15 PM

I volunteer to run the computer for checking people in and the attendance has been very low

9/10/2018 12:06 PM

Scared at the sight of blood. Besides, Village of Potsdam has been bleeding me dry for years with taxes fees and water bills

9/10/2018 11:03 AM


9/10/2018 10:13 AM

ARC sells my blood to pay for executive perks

9/10/2018 10:07 AM

Was always told that I cannot give blood if I had a tattoo within the last 6 months

9/10/2018 10:00 AM

I just never think of it.

9/10/2018 9:23 AM

No, I get woozy doing that.

9/10/2018 9:10 AM

If they would offer donations out side of work hours then I would be glad to donate my O- blood but since it has to come to work or donation unfortunately the donation does not pay the bills. all I hear about if shortage of blood and we continue to offer donation sites during normal working hours. I was going to go to the Massena ones recently but I am not getting a speeding ticket from work to donate blood and no trooper is going to let you off speeding nor escort you to the donation location. so until the red cross does better advertising the clinics and offering it when people can donate they will always have a shortage.

9/10/2018 9:06 AM

Every chance I get

9/10/2018 8:35 AM

They tell me that I am too old to donate.

9/10/2018 7:56 AM

Unfortunately, I am unable to.

9/10/2018 7:51 AM

I just hit the 12 gallon mark. 96 donations. Just do it! Also, sign up to be an organ donor.