NorthCountryNow's Lost and Found List is a free service to help locate lost pets, wallets and other valuable items that have been lost or found in St. Lawrence County. Here is a list of current lost and found items.

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December 23 Lost Large Rottweiller mix, tan about five years old. Has RFID chip in ear, was wearing red collar with red Christmas bow. Last seen at intersection of Rose and Edwards Road town of Pitcairn 12/22 chasing cottontails. Answers to "Ted" if found call 315 804 0105 REWARD offered.
December 21 Found Possibly a border collie mix, he is an un-neutered male all black, very friendly and well behaved. Found in the woods off the Tracy rd closer to Morley on 12/19-please call (315)323-6378
December 20 Lost about 7 yr old female grey and black tiger cat she has some brown in the face but not alot she has a scare on her belly from have surgery her name is tigger she very friendly and lovable she escaped from my dad in ogdensburg.. you can contact me at either or at (315)714-9869 thank you
December 17 Lost LOST: red OR hat 315) 265-2619
December 17 Lost LOST: mittens checkerboard pattern: 2 pr, maroon/black and lavender/grey 315)265-2619.
December 17 Found Beagle mix puppy by Grove, East Orvis St., Massena. 315- 250-3649.
December 17 Found Earlier this week an orange and white short haired cat wearing a red collar appeared on our property on the Hitchcock Road in Rensselaer Falls/Dekalb area. Praying it was not a "dumped furbaby", would like to find owner or a good home. I have put food out for it, but the harsh winter is coming and I cannot take on anymore lost souls at this time. All shelters are full. Please call 315-528-4805. Please give this little critter a home warming or a new home soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!
December 15 Found Gray cat with white face, white chest, and white paws. Extremely affectionate. Found 5 miles outside of Waddington, toward Ogdensburg. Hope to find the owner, or someone who can give it a good home. (315) 854-2044
December 15 Lost December 14 Lost Missing from our Lisbon home- female, fawn Great Dane who is 6 years old, and our Toy Spaniel, also female, mainly black with with chest who is7 months old. Our family is devastated! We have been driving up and down the roads, contacted the dog wardens and the shelters! We are offering a reward for the return of our babies! No questions asked, we just want our family back together! 323-5209 call anytime!
December 15 Found On December 12th I found a cell phone at the Massena mall...outside JC Penney...entering into their men's department. The phone had a security code so I wasn't able to call a contact to try and get it back to the owner. I gave the phone to a JCP employee who said they would take it to the office there. So if you think this may be your cell phone, contact JCP. Good luck.
December 14 Lost LOST! REWARD OFFERED!! Our 15 month old King Charles cavalier springer spaniel mix, mostly white and black with brown on his face and "brown eyebrows". He had a white marking on the left side of his face that resembles a question mark. He is wearing a black dog collar with gray paw prints on it. He has an ID tag on his collar with his name, Dooley, and our name, address, and phone number. He is missing from 1350 state highway in Parishville. He has been missing since December 1!!! He may have been taken. Reward offered for his safe and speedy return. Call anytime 268-1042.
December 14 Lost Missing from our Lisbon home- female, fawn Great Dane who is 6 years old, and our Toy Spaniel, also female, mainly black with with chest who is7 months old. Our family is devastated! We have been driving up and down the roads, contacted the dog wardens and the shelters! We are offering a reward for the return of our babies! No questions asked, we just want our family back together!(no phone number left. Please list here under "Found")
December 13 Lost Adoption (Ogdensburg NY) Hello everyone..I am looking for my birth mother.I was born in Ogdensburg Claxton- Hepburn Hospital on or around September 1,1974..My mother would have been 17 a senior in High School at the time as well as my birth father.My mother had light brown hair and blue eyes she was 5'2.My dad was 5'6 5'9 with blue eyes.She started Prenatal care when she was six months pregnant. She had two brothers and five sisters. She lived on her large family dairy farm with her six siblings.Both her parents age 52 both High School graduates.My granddad was a Protestant and grandma was Catholic.I had a 24 yr old uncle two yr graduate married with two kids who worked on the family farm.23 yr old aunt an LPN with one child. 21 yr old aunt working in manufacturing.18 yr old aunt in college working on RN.Uncle 10 yr old in 5th grade.Aunt 9 yr old 4th grade.I was adopted out when i was six weeks old. My adoption was through Catholic Charity and was not finalized until a year later.I was Baptised Sept 17th at the Catholic Roman Church in Malone NY when i was 16 days old.I do believe i went by the name Stacy. Please if anyone has any information about this family contact me now have my own family and would love to know my roots.Thank You all so much.
December 12 Lost L L Bean tote bag red/green at or near Olympia sporting good at St.Centre Mall Friday 4 p.m. Dec. 12. Name and phone number inside on tag. 315)265-2619.
December 11 Lost Black lab lost in Lisbon-has blue collar-name is Moose-about 6-7months old call 854-3866 if seen or found
December 11 Found Men's black Columbia glove on Park Street in Canton on 12/10/14. Valerie 379-0434
December 11 Found Found: Cream colored neutered male cat with bright orange collar on. Found on Browse Rd. in Massena. If yours please call to claim. 315-7zero8-five46three.
December 11 Lost Lost- Female fawn Great Dane approx 6 years old and a 7 month toy spaniel female that is black. Please call 323-5209
December 10 Found HONDA ATV SEAT ON STATE RT 58 IN THE T/FINE. CALL THE T/ EDWARDS HWY @ (315)562-3265
December 8 Found Male Huskey found in Bigelow/ hermon area call 854 2465
December 8 Lost missing Chihuahua wearing pink collar missing from country club rd in hailesboro not far from the post office ...was last seen near rail road tracks on 58 dog does not know the area was just recently adopted and ran off very scared if found call fowler dog pound 528-7988
December 6 Lost LOST DOG-- Black lab border collie mix, male. White chest and toes. Wearing a Harley Davidson collar reading "Bad to the Bone" His name is Jack. Last seen on Andrews Street, Massena near Regency Apartments December 5th 2014. Please call 315-212-7989.
December 4 Found Found a chainsaw. Call 265-0560 to describe and where it was lost to claim.
December 4 Lost Lost women's wallet. Fell off the top of my car on Brooks Road in Hazelwood. It is mostly black with white design. Has a pocket that snaps shut and also a zippered pocket. Black leather wrist strap. Contains my ID and other cards. It was lost around 11:30 am yesterday Dec 2. If someone has found it please call me 314-874-5804. Thank you!
December 4 Lost Lost Vera Bradley yellow/blue zip id case. Call 854-4854
December 3 Lost Lost: large woman’s dinner ring: pink with diamonds 315) 265-2619.
December 3 Lost Potsdam High School class ring, girl’s. Class of ’74. 315)265-2619.
December 3 Lost My siamese cat, Mya, has gone missing within the last few days. She was under the care of a friend of mine and she may have possibly gotten out of her house. She's a 1 year old Siamese with white markings on her paws. If you have seen her or have any information, PLEASE let me know ASAP! She's an indoor cat and has never been outside. I can't do much as of right now because I'm in SC...but anything would be greatly appreciated. She was staying on Douglas Road in Massena. I can be reached at 315-705-5937
December 2 Lost LOST!!! My family dog. King Charles cavalier/springer spaniel mix. He has a black collar on with an ID tag. His name is Dooley. Lost from State Highway 72 in Parishville. Please call if you have seen him, anytime at 268-1042.
December 1 Found Found in Ogdensburg, Man's wedding band. call 315-393-9657 and identify.
November 29 Lost Need Some Help! Lost a big brown square Ottoman (also known as a footrest) along Rt. 11(between Potsdam and Canton)! If found please contact us at 315-854-0815 or 315-854-6506
November 28 Found Found a small black kitten with a couple calico patches she was found by the garbage dumpster behind my home due to the weather getting colder and snowing we took her in she is very friendly and so affectionate if she is yours please call jon @ 315-816-7379 or felicia @ 315-816-7380 we would love to find her owners or give her a warm loving home
November 28 Found The female Pit Mix at Town of Pierrepont will need a home if no one comes forward to claim. Consider giving this sweet dog a home!
November 25 Found Female pit bull mix. 2 or 3 yrs old, very friendly, brown w/ white chest. Found in the Town of Pierrepont. Call Town Clerk at 386-8311.
November 25 Found Missing cat from Madrid - safely home. Thanks to all who shared, prayed and cared!