NorthCountryNow's Lost and Found List is a free service to help locate lost pets, wallets and other valuable items that have been lost or found in St. Lawrence County. Here is a list of current lost and found items.

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September 29 Found This morning in Town of Pierrepont a black cat with white face, chest, and paws was hit by a car and killed. The person who hit the cat came to my house because they thought it may have been my cat . I went down to where she was hit corner of County Route 24 near town barns, but no not my cat. I called neighbors on my road but no one claimed her. I could not leave her there on the road to be repeatly hit or animals to go after. I brought her to my house and buried her. If this may be your cat please call me.She is now RIP here with us. My number 315-244-0806.
September 27 Lost LOST: Dog, his name is Goose. He is very friendly chocolate lab American bull dog. He has a white marking on his chest. Please call 244-1907 or 261-1726 we live right next to the museum on 72 in Parishville.
September 26 Lost LOST: Black male neutered 6 yr. old cat with both ears frost bitten in wooded area behind Town & Co. Vets 6890 US11 Potsdam NY,could be any place by now. Very timid and scared. REWARD OFFERED if seen or have. Please call 353-2463
September 26 Found FOUND: Did you recently lose your car keys and sunglasses along the St. Lawrence River in Massena? Please email and describe. We hope to get them returned to you.
September 23 Found Found a Black Dog with a blue bandana around neck with a rabies tag on neck. Dog is very friendly not neuter found between the OBrien Rd and Plains Rd near west pierrepont. I have him at my house right now. Will be calling to some vet offices if I cant' get anywhere i'll be calling the game warden to come pick him up or take him to the spca. you can contact me at 315-379-9861 or email
September 21 Lost September 12 LOST: GENEALOGY: "Ricky" lost to the adoption process. Born 12/05/64 CANTON, NY. He would probably not be a tall person. CONTACT WAYNE @ 315-262-7799
September 20 Lost LOST: set of car keys at Massena High School 315-842-6718
September 20 Lost LOST: dark gray Male cat. Around a year old, not neutered. Possibly wearing a brown leather collar with studs. His name is Tom, he's nice. Last seen on Washington Street in Ogdensburg. If found please grab him and call 315-854-2791 and he will be promptly picked up.
September 20 Lost LOST: Gray and White Male Cat in Pierrepont, County Route 24. Please call 854-0677 if found.
September 18 Lost LOST: Our cat was lost while we were visiting near Lincoln Road & Old State Road, Canton. Zeke is a neutered male, orange striped with white on chest and nose and with rust-colored eyes. Call 212-8814 if you see him.
September 14 Found FOUND: My min pin has been found. Thank you for reuniting me with my dog I got after I returned from OEF! Thank you to the kind neighbors who brought her in and whoever alerted the ASPCA to my ad. The ASPCA even stayed late and jumped through hoops to allow me to bring her home tonight. I feel truly blessed to live in a community of kind, caring people. Cassandra
September 14 Lost An adult Minature Pinscher that is blind wandered off. Last seen was May Rd in the village of Potsdam on 9/13/16. Dog answers to Mini and may bite if scared. She is very old and skittish. Please contact Cassandra at 315-261-4803 if you find or see her.
September 12 Lost LOST: I have lost 2 piglets they got out of their cage over 1 week ago. I last seen them on tucker road in Colton NY my cell number is 315-742-2703 please call me or text me even if you seen them thank you. Kayla.
September 12 Lost LOST: GENEALOGY: "Ricky" lost to the adoption process. Born 12/05/64 CANTON, NY. He would probably not be a tall person. Robin 315)729-0622.
September 12 Found found gray cat its been hanging around my home on sterling pond in parishville..he or she very shy.if you think this is your cat pls call me @ 315 265 4860 hes been out back and cant catch him ,,he seems hungry..i have put food out in hopes to snap a pic of place online
September 11 Found FOUND: Male cat, Orange and white, Not Fixed. Found in Massena near intersection of N. Racquette Rd and 37C. No Collar. Call or text 315-262-6587
September 9 Found 2 Baby Piglets on County Route 24 near the Tucker Road. Currently playing in the lawn and disappearing in the woods at night. Fairly tame. Please call/text 244-1241. Will try to fence them in if I have time.
September 5 Lost LOST: dog mixed lab and hound . He's mostly black with white marking on chest. Answers to the name Toby. About 14 yrs old. Children's pet lost in the DeKalb area. Please call with any info: 302-0010 or 353-9909.
September 4 Lost Missing from Burke/chateaguey Older female sheep collie dog. She has a white chest and cream and brown on most. She has white eyelashes and very skidish but friendly at the same time! We rescued her 4 years ago. And miss her so much! My email: Big reward
September 4 Lost LOST: my house cat. Near the Club and the Bagelry in Canton. He is all black and about 14 pounds 315-690-6826
September 4 Lost LOST: Wooden ring with turquoise inlay. Lost between Appleton Arena and downtown Canton, possibly on SLU trails. Modest reward will be given to finder. ph. 720.255.7823
August 31 Lost Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Android phone. It is black with a black and gray hard case. Lost in Canton, was left on top of a vehicle, so may be on side of road. Please call or text 518-521-5750 if found.
August 30 Lost Set of Toyota keys. Lost in Norwood or Potsdam in July. Please call 315-276-8048 if found.