NorthCountryNow's Lost and Found List is a free service to help locate lost pets, wallets and other valuable items that have been lost or found in St. Lawrence County. Here is a list of current lost and found items.

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July 30 Lost LOST: Maine Coon Long-Haired Cat. Black and brown female. She has been missing since the morning of Thursday, 7/29/15. She lives on Cogswell Corners Road in Madrid. If found, please call 315-274-9173.
July 30 Lost LOST: My black and white cat has been missing since Sunday July 26th. His name is Boots. He has 3 short socks and one long, a little white on his tail and under his chin and breast. His lower jaw juts out some. He is very friendly, but scares easily. He lives on the Upper Ridge Rd. Close to the Hobsin RD. If you have seen him, please call me at 315-250-1266.
July 30 Found FOUND: Orange cat. Been here about a week. If it is yours, or if you can give it a home, please call 315 347 4229.
July 26 Lost Black Fitbit with narrow band, lost in vicinity of Ford St. & Franklin St. at Seaway Festival Parade. Returned to car via Franklin St. & Washington to Library Park vicinity. If found in good condition, small reward. Please leave an e-mail address to contact you.
July 23 Lost LOST ORANGE TABBY CAT on Larnard Potsdam on 7/21. He is a skinny orange cat, named Arthur, he is an indoor cat and doesn't wear a collar. Please call if you have seen him or found him- 631-357-2476
July 21 Lost LOST: Molly 10 year old female tri colored beagle missing since 6/4. She had a pink striped collar with name and numbers. missing from DeKalb Canton area but could be anywhere. My numbers are 315-386-3900 or 714-4146
July 20 Lost LOST: Two keys, one with key fob, in zip lock bags, on Grasse River in Madrid. Call 244-0756
July 20 Found FOUND: Piece of camping gear on Main St., Canton. To ensure proper return, please identify. 727.252.9442
July 19 Lost LOST: Single person yellow kayak. Black seat, dry well, and skirt. Route 37 between Ogdensburg and Morristown. 528-4694.
July 19 Lost Lost Dog - Small male black lab mix. 11 years old looks like a miniature black lab. Lost in the town of Morristown. Name is Remington. Please contact 375-4661 or 244-3142 if you have any information.
July 16 Found FOUND: CANTON HIGH SCHOOL RING found at Taylor Park (Canton Beach). Please call to identify: 315-344-7506
July 15 Found Found a key to an Arctic Cat ATV , was found on 11b after the July 4th weekend call 212-8141
July 15 Lost LOST: Overtons life jacket, black and yellow, youth size. Lisbon beach area. 393-9078
July 14 Lost Lost: Black long haired male cat with notch in one ear in the vicinity of 182 Fearl Bridge Road and Old Market Road, Winthrop, NY Please call Marty @ 315-212-3758.
July 12 Found Found on County Route 27 in the Town of Clare, Ford key with push button pad. Call 386-2159.
July 10 Lost Lost:In the village of Morristown a single Ford key on a blue key chain with white letters that reads SAME SH** DIFFERENT DAY. If found please call 375-4990 or 323-7078.Thanks a bunch!
July 9 Lost LOST: Purple Vera Bradley wallet. Reward. You can even have the wallet if I at least get the stuff in it returned. Thank you. (315)323-3149
July 9 Lost LOST: Car key with Irish symbol key chain lost July 4 in Canton. Please call 315-250-8720 if found.
July 8 Found Found - a pair of men's glasses in a brown leather case. They were found in the road on Westwood Drive in Massena on July 8. You can call 769-6219 to pick them up.
July 8 Found FOUND: Black male cat two to three weeks ago on Route 24 at edge of the village of Russell. Very sociable and must have come from a loving family. 315-347-1185
July 6 Found Found: female pit bull with a red collar on Route 11 just outside of Potsdam. Provide description. 315-244-4748
July 5 Lost MISSING: White male poodle,recently groomed, not fixed from Fowler area. Any information please contact Lori at (315) 286-5579.
July 4 Found Lost Walker hound in Hermann Canton area was found thank you.
July 4 Lost MISSING: White male poodle, recently groomed, five years old, blue collar, not fixed. Fowler area.
July 3 Lost Lost light colored Walker hound in Herman Canton area. Please call 854-3800 or 323-4550
July 3 Lost Blue paddle boat from house on Ridge Rd in Norwood Ny on Norwood Pond. The wind could have caught it and blew it over the dam. Kids are really missing it. If found please call 315-353-2438.
July 3 Found Found black male kitten and I'm trying to find its proper owner. He is very playful and sweet. He was on main street in Massena, NY. Please text or call me 1-585-532-2145
July 3 Found FOUND a full grown dog around 1 am on Main Street in Massena. We are trying to locate his proper owner. He is very friendly and house trained. If anyone has any info., call or text (315)705-5278.
July 3 Found Found lost dog in Massena. Size large in Massena on Main Street. He is very loving and sweet and friendly call or text with any information @ 315-705-5278.
July 2 Lost Three long skirts left at Canton Laundry chute on Saturday, June 27th. 1 tan/brown, 1 blue, 1 grey w/pink. Please contact me at
July 1 Lost Lost: two dogs on Route 37 near Lee Road between Ogd & Morristown. White standard poodle, 13 years old, answers to Cooper. Yellow large labradoodle, 8 years old, answers to Grandpa. Call 704-219-8024