Working together to oppose new Potsdam assessments
Thursday, April 25, 2013 - 1:32 pm

To the Editor:

What can we do as Potsdam taxpayers to get the town to throw the assessments that they have just done out and come up with a fairer way to assess our properties, I was reading that some taxpayers in Trout Lake actually banded together and sued the town to make them change the assessments.

Is that what we the taxpayers of Potsdam have to do to get them to come around to our way of thinking?

I’ve heard a lot of public talk on the subject and I for one would be willing to do something about it, if we don’t, it will get shoved down our throats like the new town building was, even though we voted it down twice they still went ahead and built it anyway, it just doesn’t seem right to me that our votes do not matter and that the politicians do what they want without regard to the taxpayers wishes.

I know that in my case my house could never sell for what I am assessed.

Nowhere near it.

Also I can’t understand why such things as replacing a roof, doors and windows would raise your assessment.

I can understand adding a garage, expanding the structure or making major improvements raising them but not something that you need to keep the building up and looking better and being better insulated and such things.

Ronald Schofell, Potsdam