Winter is a positive for Waddington resident
Tuesday, December 24, 2013 - 6:38 am

To the Editor:

Yes, winter is here ahead of schedule, with two recent mornings below zero to start the day a’shiverin.’ No matter what, though, it beats spending hour after hour after hour every week cutting an expansive four-acre lawn, not to mention pulling ever-strangling weeds off cars, garages, tools, and porch railings.

Oh, we have a zoo of indestructible weed species growing gloriously in vigorous freedom-- aggressive grape vines, morning glory vines, Virginia creeper vines, and unknown ever-present other miscellaneous anonymous vines (a mono-filament lesser weed I call “spaghetti grass” stays low but hides everything a foot above ground level, wrapped up with long skinny green tenacious tentacles).

Oh, do I ever love winter, with the only chore an average one hour per week snow shoveling that I relish for exercise... Sorry you don’t agree, but I would accept winter gladly always.

And don’t forget summer humidity and mold growth in unexpectedly disappointing locations like car interiors, all leather products, etc, etc.

There is more of a comfort zone in the north country for winter where the land is flat, lacking hills to navigate precariously when ice covered, and traffic is far less and no bumper-to-bumper conditions develop (except after fireworks in summer) and then the attention span grabber computer takes over brains that lose any concern over where they may be anyway.

Just lovin’ it,

Richard Carlisle