Why is seasonal road getting so much work?
Monday, May 24, 2010 - 3:48 pm

To the Editor:

I have some questions about the Sayer Road in the Town of DeKalb. This is a seasonal road with no houses on it, is not used by the mailman, has no electrical or telephone wires on it and is mostly accessed by the Amish and the people who own land there. It has been torn up for quite a few days now and a lot of manpower and time is being put into fixing this seasonal road up.

I travel this road at least twice a day as the weather allows, the Amish travel this road every day and we are courteous when we meet each other. We know where to pull over and where not to. I also walk this road every day, fish on this road and would like to turkey hunt on this road, at least have access to check my property.

Could someone tell me what for in these economic times? I have lived here for 35 years and every time this road gets done all it allows is for more access to people dumping their garbage there, dumping dead dogs and cats, dumping deer carcasses, kids partying and having fires on this road, road hunters who kill anything that moves, people who walk in on others to plant their pot and people to trespass as they please.

The habitat for returning birds is being destroyed plus a lot of wild flowers you no longer see are being destroyed. Two small hay fields are being driven over by all kinds of equipment and the landowners have not had any access to this land for many days. Where is the money coming from? Some say it is the county and some say it is the snowmobilers. Do we take all this time and money to fix up a road that is seasonal or for snowmobilers? I am not against snowmobiling , but these same people don’t want us (the landowners) to travel to access our land in the winter to cut wood and so on. I have been confronted by snowmobilers who don’t want us making ruts with the tractor on their road! Do they pay my taxes and get to tell me what I can and cannot do with my land?

Also is not someone supposed to be notified when taxpayer land is not going to be accessible due to work being done? If this were to save jobs in these economic times, that’s okay, but when were we to be notified this work was going to be done and for how long?

It is like we don’t exist.

Colleen Stone, DeKalb