West Stockholm man opposes Lehman Park hotel proposal
Tuesday, December 11, 2012 - 2:49 pm

To the Editor:

The Lehman Park development proposal is foolish. Ah, Lehman Park is the last green space for students to connect with some natural environment. It is also a place besides the bars for students to let loose, although under the parental eyes of campus police.

Many locals make use of SUNY Potsdam’s Lehman Park their tax dollars support (currently no parking fee needed) and find it convenient to walk their dogs, jog, canoe, barbeque, and take in the view, maybe mingle with students. Albany sure knows how to stimulate the economy and destroy the last beautiful place on campus. Over building and not maintaining all the existing infrastructure is a large part of the financial difficulties now facing the United States and Potsdam’s campus.

Our roads, bridges, water, sewer and electric are approaching third world standards because of lack of maintenance.  Development of Lehman Park’s just plain foolish and will further tax our village water and sewer systems past the breaking point both fiscally and physically!  Let’s stop the theft of our park and talk some sense to Albany bureaucrats.

Richard Paolillo, West Stockholm