Waiting on order to ‘move or remove building’
Wednesday, July 28, 2010 - 12:03 pm

To the Editor:

For two years I have worked tirelessly to persuade the Town of Potsdam’s Zonng Board of Appeals (ZBA) to rule that my neighbor, Gard Meserve (1070 River Road, Norwood), must comply with the building code in the Town of Potsdam.

Finally, when I showed up at the November 2009 ZBA meeting with my attorney, it was determined in a final ruling that Meserve had to “either move or remove the building.” To date, the building has been neither moved nor removed.

Therefore, it is out of frustration that I have contacted you to inform not only the residents of the Town of Potsdam but also St. Lawrence County residents that this egregious situation has languished for over two years.

During those two years I have been insulted and disrespected not only by the town’s many code enforcement officers, but also by the chairman of the ZBA. This is truly a “good old boy network” when it comes to how the ZBA and the code enforcement officer operate.

Patricia L. Poulin, Norwood