Waddington man says alternative location for campground should be considered
Friday, October 12, 2012 - 5:02 pm

Editor's note – This letter focuses on a proposal by the Waddington Town Board to establish a campground and recreational vehicle park on Leishman Point, a town-owned property that was returned by the town New York Power Authority. The property has remained off the tax roll for several years.

The proposal which has gained support in the community over the past year is spear-headed by Town Supervisor Mark Scott, who says revenues will be needed to keep taxes down as health care costs continue to rise.

The proposed campground was included in the town's community development plan.

To the Editor:

Some Waddington citizens oppose G2G operating any of our valuable community resources. G2G has no proven experience. As a community we can’t allow this to happen.

Locating this campground and recreational vehicle park at the currently proposed location is reckless. This location endangers our community’s children and other children who use the playground and beach.

Large RV camping trailers and heavy traffic generated by the estimated 15,000 additional visitors would be very dangerous.

Waddington Village Mayor Janet Otto-Cassada and other members of our community during a recent town meeting proposed an excellent and very viable solution. to locate this campground and RV park adjacent to the East Side of Whitehouse Bay.

This alternate location merits strong consideration.

This project would place the park within a reasonable distance from the playground, beach and residential area.

This creates a direct route from State Route 37 to the campground and RV park and allows the large vehicles to exit easily.

It also creates a link for passenger vehicles, the walkers and the cyclists from the River Road to the campsite and back to Route 37, which could bring customers to the Seaway Diner.

It would also allow for the development of the of public/private lands from the River Road to Route 37.

This would create a scenic route from the Village of Waddington to the playground and beach and back out to Route 37.

It would establish a stronger customer base for the village businesses and the Seaway Diner and keep the campground and RV park side by side, minimizing opposition.

Anthony Zeledon

Concerned Citizens of Waddington