Waddington man believes making guns illegal not the solution
Monday, January 7, 2013 - 9:10 am

To the Editor:

Newtown,CT and columbine yes we very sad and tragic events that should never have happened.

After reading many people's opinion on guns, I get so frustrated. I hate to say this but making guns illegal and 30 round clips illegal is not the answer and is not going to stop what someone will do. I am a hunter and proud gun owner and feel taking my right's away is just wrong.

There is no better thrill then going out and shooting a rifle with that many rounds, It is just a great rush. Making maybe more strict guidelines like when purchasing a pistol is the answer.

But remember making them illegal will not stop it people will find away. I love my right's to have a gun and will fight to keep that right.

Mark Allen, Waddington