Voter turnout and support appreciated in PCS election
Monday, May 21, 2012 - 12:23 pm

To the Editor:

I thank the hundreds of community members who cast votes for Sandra Morris, Mary Ashley Carroll, and me for PCS Board of Education. We were, essentially, running as a slate because we share knowledge, experience, and commitment to education.

We agree with Diane Ravitch who has written that “the great challenge to our generation is to create a renaissance in education.” Ms. Ravitch, and other leaders in the field of education, know that things must change if we are to create a well-educated, moral, and globally competitive citizenry. Complacency and a status quo mindset are the bane of educational improvement.

My best wishes are with all who are involved in the educational community who strive for more effective and innovative ways to educate students to help them become thinkers - not just repositories of facts. Again, my heartfelt thanks for great community support from a great community.

Ann M. Carvill, Potsdam