Vote 'yes' for increase to Morristown library tax
Friday, May 16, 2014 - 3:50 pm

To the Editor:

I spend time every day being angry about taxes.

I’m angry that my income taxes go to support crooked politicians that represent the 1 percent in my country while there are people that go to bed hungry every night.

I’m angry that the majority of my property taxes go to a county that is poorly run.

I’m angry that my school taxes never seem to be enough to properly educate the children in my community.

But on Tuesday, May 20 I will vote yes to increase the library portion of my school tax bill.

The reason I’ll vote yes is that I can walk one mile to my library and see for myself exactly where that $6.52 increase to my school tax bill goes.

I’ll be able to see adults and children using the six computers in the library to educate themselves through a large number of free classes offered by the North Country Library System. I’ll be able to stop in and watch kids participating in the summer book reading programs.

I’ll be able to see young students doing volunteer work helping out at the library. These are only a few examples of the good that our little library does to help support our community.

I urge residents of Morristown to vote yes Tuesday, May 20 to the ballot measure that will enable our library to continue to do the things they do best far into the future. This is a tax that I will not be angry about.

Michele Whalen, Morristown