Vote to support Second Amendment
Friday, September 5, 2014 - 6:54 am

To the Editor:

Well it is game time for the 2nd Amendment supporters.

I have been involved in this issue for the past 2 years. From the floor of the St. Lawrence Co. Legislature, to organizing the bus rides to Albany to participate in the protests on the steps of the Capital, including the infamous school bus adventure.

I have purchased some 1200 anti-S.A.F.E. act signs that through our network are spread all across the North County. On Tuesday Sept. 9, all Republicans and Conservatives will have the privilege to vote for the candidate to represent them in the 116 Assembly District.

There are 3 individuals running for this spot. All profess to do what they can to repeal the S.A.F.E act, but there is more to choosing a candidate than one issue.

We need a candidate that has some depth. He needs to support the Constitution and have the ability to be effective in the political arena in Albany. That is why I am supporting John Byrne in this primary and for the general election.

John is a strong 2nd Amendment supporter who will vigorously fight to repeal the S.A.F.E. act. He is a family man who successively operates a business and has a daughter in the local school system. He is a veteran with an understanding of the plight of our veterans.

He has conducted a tireless campaign based on the issues and not on running the other candidates down. John is a Town Councilman in Cape Vincent. He is Cape Vincent Republican Chairman, Vice Chairman of Cape Vincent Local Development Corporation.

If you are a Republican it is easy just go to the poles on Tuesday Sept. 9 and fill in the box next to John Byrne.

If you are a Conservative it is a little more involved. Right under the other Conservative candidate is a blank line. On this line you will need to write in “John Byrne”. We need to come out of this primary with one strong candidate. Splitting the anti – S.A.F.E. act vote will involve in a 3-way race and the possible loss to the anti-2n Amendment candidate.

Please vote for John Byrne, 116 Assembly district on Tuesday Sept. 9.

Lawrence Kring