Vote for Lucien Plante in 7th Legislative District primary
Friday, September 10, 2010 - 9:40 am

To the Editor:

To all who live and intend to vote in the Republican primary on Sept. 14 for the 7th Legislative District of St. Lawrence County, we ask that you consider casting your ballot for Lucien Plante.

We have known Lucien for five years, and in that short time, we have found him to be, in our opinion:

-- The hardest and most dedicated campaigner we have experienced in many years in this area;

-- A man who lives by the saying, “My word is my bond;”

-- A man when he says, “I will get things done” does get it done;

-- A great family man, with many children and grandchildren who will attest to that fact;

-- A people person, who loves to visit and tell of his many life experiences;

-- A United State Marine Corps veteran;

-- A person who over the years has been elected and held many responsible offices in a number of civic and fraternal organizations;

-- A person who fights for what both you and he believe is the best for Northern New York, where he was born and brought up;

-- A man of and from the people, who does not hesitate to speak his mind when confronted with a controversial subject;

-- A man of faith

-- And last but not least, for all who live in northern New York, an avid hunter, sportsman and small-time farmer who respects the land and all of its inhabitants.

For all of the above reasons, we urge you to vote for Lucien Plante on Tuesday to be sure that you have a good advocate for the grassroots folks of Legislative District 7 on the ballot in the general election in November.

J. Neil and Elle S. Devine, Parishville