Vote for Hoffman, vote for life
Thursday, October 14, 2010 - 12:37 pm

To the Editor:

Knowing I am not alone, I dare to say there is still a huge problem in the NY 23rd Congressional District. There are still thousands of us who will not knowingly vote for someone who will represent us in voting to murder unborn babies. We do not want to stand before God and be found guilty of this gross sin. Sorry you folk of the 23rd but this is still a three way race no matter how “THEY” finagled this outcome. Either we vote for the name on the conservative line or we don’t vote at all. Maybe this will wake up our hierarchy of GOP to give us someone we can vote for, not against.

Think about it. If either Doheny or Owens gets the seat, it will make no difference. We still have a liberal. What happened to the North Country Conservative area? What happened to our so-called Conservative Tea Party?

The only moral choice we have is to vote for life! A vote for Hoffman at this time could shake our nation and it could save the North Country. It could even be the catapult to help GOP accomplish their new agenda of “no more RINOs.”

Are you willing to take that chance? I am. I will not vote for anyone willing to continue this sin that is destroying our nation along with the other immoralities they embrace.

Bettina Beckford, Hermon