Village officials should take dam responsibility
Thursday, June 5, 2014 - 11:06 am

To the Editor:

In a recent edition of the “Watertown Times,” concerning the much lamented dam in Potsdam, one paragraph caught my eye.

It read “the village is blaming the years-long delay because it (Canadian Turbines) did not fulfill its contract or provide some of the parts it was supposed to.”

Come on! Does the village board really think we have completely lost track of what happened 7 years ago?

Who failed to investigate that company and it record of failure in Canada? Who failed to get a performance bond to insure that the contract was carried out? Who has now cost the taxpayers an estimated million dollars in extra costs?

And have any of those village officials who presided over this mess ever admitted guilt or apologized for any of it? Not at all –in fact, they are doing just fine.

I hasten to add that I hold no blame against some board members of today who are guiltless and are having to struggle with this monster from the past.

I hope the dam is soon working, but all of us will be paying well into the future for something that could have been helping us and our taxes years ago. .

Dick Hutchinson