Village needs to fix Pine Street compressor, says Potsdam man
Thursday, April 10, 2014 - 6:29 am

To the Editor:

April 10 is fast approaching us and I strongly urge you, as a Town of Potsdam taxpayer to make sure you vote NO on this.

What we’re about to take over, is a failing arena. It has a compressor that needs replacing along with many other upgrades. The village wants to dump it into the Town of Potsdam taxpayers lap!

Let the village do all the upgrades before we vote to take it over. We very well could be looking at millions of dollars in repairs, that will be added to your now “high town tax roll.”

It would be best if we continue to share the cost of the arena with the village. Village residents live within walking distance of the arena and park. It is also inside the village limits.

Think about the deteriorating arena along with retirement costs of all employees. I really think this is a big burden being passed down to the Potsdam taxpayer. I urge you to vote no.

For those of you with kids in hockey, don’t get scared, the arena will still be there for their use.

William C. Paige