Veteran and Waddington native credits Massena Memorial Hospital with outstanding service
Monday, November 12, 2012 - 11:22 am

To the Editor:

I am a Vietnam War veteran who was seriously wounded in combat in early 1966. Although travel is difficult after enduring over forty surgeries since the war, and although I live in Virginia, I try to return home as often as possible to Waddington where I grew up.

While in Waddington during late summer, I experienced serious complications related to my war injuries. From the emergency room I was admitted to Massena Memorial Hospital where Dr. Rosalind Mariano treated me. Her surgical knowledge and skill, her caring treatment of patients and her warm sense of humor make her an unparalleled asset for your community hospital. I have not received better treatment in some of the largest hospitals on the east coast.

I truly appreciate all that Dr. Mariano did for me, but also the efforts of her associate, Dr. Kumar. I thank all of the First Floor and Intensive Care Unit nurses and staff who worked hard and willingly on my behalf. Lastly, I especially thank Michelle Putney, Case Manager, for her concern, assistance and friendship.

This group of great professionals must make Massena Memorial Hospital and the Veterans Administration very proud.

S/Sgt. Robert C. Tiernan, Ret.