Vehicle exhaust worse than animal waste, says Heuvelton man
Friday, December 13, 2013 - 6:41 am

To the Editor:

In response to “Horse poop is a problem” Nov. 21 (

1. We do control what emissions come from our vehicles. By keeping them up, making sure all the anti-emissions etc., equipment works, and so on.

With proper care, there are very few emissions from a car’s tailpipe; try researching what the facts and perhaps you’ll be surprised.

2. It has not yet been even mentioned, nor shown, what there is wrong with “horse poop.” It’s processed vegetable content, which is not conducive to disease or any other offense, it does not rust our cars, it readily oxidizes and within a very short period of time turns to nothing. You can’t say that about the oil drips, out-of-kilter emissions equipment, driving with a “Check Engine” light on and a lot more, not to mention the garbage thrown out the windows of moving cars to sit along the side of the road until people are paid to pick up that litter, a gross, unnecessary expense caused by the vehicles driven on the road.

3. You may not also have noticed that quite often, when it’s reasonable to do, buggies will pull over to the shoulder so the “horse poop” doesn’t actually lie in the road.

That’s not always possible for a buggy driver, but I’ve seen several do it, out of courtesy; it’s nothing new around here.

Overall, this whole discussion of “horse poop” on our roads is silly and almost ludicrous in some ways. Letters such as this one, I admit, only serve to prolong the longevity of such arguments. Let’s start using some verifiable facts and sources for these articles and bring more than senseless arguments to bear here.

Tom Rivet