Use common sense with drone privacy issues
Thursday, May 15, 2014 - 7:34 am

Letter to Editor:

In response to a Soundoff “Drone Privacy,” I don’t feel that drones present the “security” problems that have been discussed here and other media resources. It is simple technology and a sign of normal progress and commerce.

As for looking into people’s windows and taking pictures, just stop and think for a minute. If they can see you, so can anyone else with binoculars or better yet telescopes, which are a lot cheaper and easier to get and much more detailed.

If you have any sense at all, you know that if you don’t close your drapes and shades, it’s not just the sheep you are providing a peep show to.

Common sense goes a long ways.

If you worry about someone getting a picture of you copulating with someone in your backyards, well, I can take you to more than one website that has extremely detailed views taken from space that shows an amazing amount of detail. I have used same to see my childhood home and my current home plus past places I’ve lived. I even saw a nude pool party in one of them.

Same advice: If you don’t want to be seen from space, binoculars, telescope, satellite, etc., get inside and close your shades and curtains.

Most such pictures are grainy and stop at being able to identify a face, unless it’s binoculars or a telescope, to which cameras can also be added.

And one final point: If I do see a drone near my property, I am likely to knock it out of the air with a 2x4 because I consider that trespassing. Same goes for any place people live.

Tom Rivet`