Unions important for safe working conditions
Monday, December 3, 2012 - 10:25 am

To the Editor:

To the person mouthing off about Wal-Mart in "Striking Workers Should be Fired by Walmart,"  Let me ask you this: Do you not work 40 hour week, and after 40 hours do you not get time and a half?

Do you get vacation every year? Do you get holiday pay? Do you work in a standard working environment, that is safe? These are just a few things unions have fought and died for through the years.

You also have the right in what you think another benefit that unions have fought for through the years. We need unions so we do not end up like Bangladesh, fires unsafe work condition that killed hundreds so wake up and look at what you have is because of the unions .

I have been a union member for 24 years and proud of it United Steel Workers Local 450.

Oh, by the way, I'm not afraid to add my name like you are.

Massena, Tom Seguin