Treasurer’s staffer says Felt has her support
Thursday, September 9, 2010 - 1:59 pm

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter in support of Republican Kevin Felt as our next St. Lawrence County Treasurer. For nearly two years, Mr. Felt has been serving as the St. Lawrence County Deputy Treasurer, in charge of county finances in the Treasurer’s Office. My name is Vicki Stiles and I serve as the St. Lawrence County Deputy Treasurer in charge of property tax collection. During my more then 14 years of service in the Treasurer’s Office, and nearly 19 years of service as a St. Lawrence County employee, I understand what is required to insure a smooth transition of management.

Considering that this election year will most likely bring about many changes in the County Legislature, it is not the time to replace all of the management positions in the Treasurer’s Office. Change can be exciting in many ways. However, too much change all at once can be detrimental. The phrase “the blind leading the blind” comes to mind. There is a level of knowledge that needs to be maintained.

Kevin Felt represents that level of knowledge, experience, and stability. This is not a stepping-stone position, but rather the beginning of what he hopes to be his life-long career.

Mr. Felt has the educational and professional qualifications required to insure that the fiscal functions for St. Lawrence County will not be compromised. This is not a position that a person with no prior knowledge of county finances or training can walk into and function effectively. Mr. Felt has had the advantage of working very closely with Robert McNeil, the retiring St. Lawrence County Treasurer, and has been able to absorb extremely valuable information that will allow him to continue the efficient operation of the Treasurer’s Office.

Many St. Lawrence County residents have expressed their support during Kevin’s campaign. The current St. Lawrence County Treasurer, Robert McNeil, has publicly endorsed him, as well as The Central Trade and Labor Council.

Please vote on primary day, Sept. 14, for Kevin Felt as the St. Lawrence County Treasurer candidate that will represent the Republican Party on Election Day in November.

Vicki Stiles

St. Lawrence County Deputy Treasurer – Property Tax Supervisor