Tragic raccoon story spurs foundation
Wednesday, July 18, 2012 - 12:56 pm

To the Editor:

I want to thank everyone who responded to my letter and the recent articles in the local newspapers, about the baby raccoons my daughter and I had raised. I received many positive replies. I also want to thank the media for bringing this sad tragedy to light.

It’s obvious that the reason this incident took place was due to the fact that there just simply aren’t enough wildlife rehabilitators and there is a lack of finances for these generous people. The DEC and County Board of Health budgets have all been cut, and to wait for finances to come to aide, is never going to happen.

In a recent article I read, 58 animals in St. Lawrence County were submitted last year for rabies testing. Out of that 58, only 4 tested positive for rabies. That’s 54 perfectly healthy animals that were destroyed. I’m sure the DEC doesn’t enjoy doing this, but there must be some other way. A place to quarantine the animals would solve this devastating problem.

My daughter and I have decided to start a non-profit foundation to help finance wildlife rehabilitators and encourage people to take an interest in becoming one. This would be the main goal, and I have many ideas to do this, but I need help! Animals lovers come from all walks of life, and I would be interested in hearing from all of you who were touched by my letter. I am looking for people interested in being board members, people experienced in starting non-profit organizations, veterinarians willing to donate time, rehabilitators, and simply anyone wanting to get involved in any way. If you would like to help in starting this foundation, I would like to hear from you. I can be contacted at 353-2082.

Anyone wanting to make a monetary donation can send it to North Country Savings Bank in Potsdam under the FLO Foundation. All other donations are as equally appreciated, and I am more than willing to come pick items up and distribute them. Anything helps! Thank you.

David A. LaShomb, FLO Foundation