Thompson running in Democratic primary in Louisville for town council
Monday, September 11, 2017 - 12:05 pm

To the Editor:

Fellow Democrats, on Sept. 12, you have an important decision to make. With four Democrats seeking two seats, the choices must be weighed carefully.

It has been a pleasure speaking with the residents and listening to them voice their concerns and opinions on various subjects. The message is crystal clear, a fresh voice is needed to represent the residents of Louisville.With tax increases being the major concern of the citizens, I will seek out additional sources of revenue for our town. With two majestic rivers being within our borders, there have been many opportunities that have not been capitalized upon. Adjacent towns have interjected in excess of $3 million yearly in the local economy utilizing the river. I believe any opportunity to generate additional income for the town, should be identified and acted upon.

I would like to give the residents an opportunity to voice their concerns previous to taking any action that concerns a change in a service townwide. I would provide a detailed plan and let the residents decide. It is my belief that the board members are elected and work in the best interest of everyone, not just a select few.

I, Shawn Thompson, am seeking your support for the Democratic primary Sept. 12. Please make your voice heard.

Shawn Thompson