Thanks, TWC, for doing the right thing
Tuesday, January 25, 2011 - 12:20 pm

To the Editor:

As a Time Warner Cable digital phone customer, I have become increasingly annoyed with my calls to other digital phone customers, as well as calls to my home, ending up with the infamous “Channel 47-4” error message.

After recently placing a call to my home and receiving a different error message (“you have reached a non-working number…”) I decided to call TWC customer service and inquire if they had considered making an adjustment to customers’ bills for the month-long inconvenience.

Happily, the customer service representative was quick to offer a month’s phone service credit on our next bill due. When I asked if this was going to be done for everyone, the rep explained that customers experiencing the problem would have to call and request the credit.

You can request the credit by calling your local Time Warner Cable office number. But be persistent. An automated message tells you if you are experiencing error messages the company is “working on the problem” and that there is no need to stay on the line.

Instead, stay on the line and say “billing” when prompted to describe your reason for calling.

Kudos to Time Warner Cable for doing the right thing.

Paul Hagget, Massena