Terry Brasdshaw television show could be boost for economy
Wednesday, July 18, 2012 - 12:50 pm

To the Editor:

Co·op·er·a·tion -- noun

1. An act or instance of working or acting together for a common purpose or benefit; joint action.  

2. More or less active assistance from a person, organization. We sought the cooperation of various civic leaders. (from Dictionary.com) 

3. A concept beyond the grasp of the Potsdam Town Board (from BB)

Football great Terry Bradshaw’s “people” called the town looking for information about Potsdam for a possible TV segment of a show  on economic developent in American towns. Terry Bradshaw’s people made a common mistake -- they equated “town” with “city,” instead of, in Potsdam’s case, “village.” Yes, they were looking for $20,000, but they were probably also looking for entities that are interested in economic development. They might even have been looking for some cooperation.

What they got was the town supervisor saying she would investigate the show. A local newspaper quoted her as saying, “We are not about to cut a check.”

Missed opportunity? If the town board and the village board and Clarkson and SUNY Potsdam and the village economic development office and the county Chamber of Commerce and the IDA and any other interested stakeholders cooperated, I’ll bet they could come up with $20,000.

Do the aforementioned groups have anything they want to say about economic development in Potsdam? Or about the pluses for companies choosing to locate here? Or about the quality of life, the hunting, fishing, boating, camping, history, educational opportunities and cultural activities we enjoy here? I sure hope so.

Is there just the barest possibility that we could do ourselves some good by participating in this TV show? It would seem the town board doesn’t think so.

Terry, please have your people get in touch with our people. We may be able to make a deal. 

Betsy A. Baker


Norwood fireworks

possible with help

To the Editor

For the past 77 years the Norwood Volunteer Fire Department has hosted to a field day event on July 4. A big draw card has been the fireworks display at the end of the day. Norwood is known for one of the best displays in St. Lawrence County.

This display comes with a price. This year’s display cost $5,500.00 for our show. A $2 entrance fee to the park doesn’t begin to pay or cover this cost. Hundreds of spectators line the streets of Norwood and fill the Village Parks to enjoy the show. This year the Fire Department turned to our local merchants for help. Thirty-five businesses and organizations were asked for their help and fortunately for us, fourteen responded. Perry’s Big M started us off with a most generous $1000 contribution. This was followed by other generous donations and in total; $2,725.00 was donated to offset our cost.

We would really like to thank these merchants and organizations for their support: American Legion Post 68, Gandy Dancers Rest, Jeremiah’s Tavern, Potsdam SeaComm, Buck Funeral Home, Drew Insurance Agency, Norwood Community Bank, Barrett Paving Materials, Watson Electric, Sassone Law Office, Norwood Lake Association, Perry’s Big M, Pete LaPage, and Webster’s Retail Meats.

Your contributions of your hard earned money are most appreciated and allow us the opportunity to continue to serve our community as well. Thank you.

Tim Donahue, Treasurer at theNorwood Fire Department